What is Liturgy?

“Liturgy” is the word used to describe our participation in the rhythms of the Sunday morning gathering. If you are new to Saint Peter’s, or are simply interested in understanding more about the liturgy, this guide will help you appreciate the meaning behind what we do during our worship services. Continue reading

Being Anglican

What is an Anglican?

We are reformed, evangelical, and in our style of worship we use liturgy that is rooted in history.  Anglican worship is rooted in the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer.  Scripture is integrated into our liturgy of worship and use the Book of Common Prayer to guide us through prayer, worship and services like weddings, funerals, and baptisms. Continue reading

Following Christ

Everything we do at St. Peter’s is meant to help us follow Jesus.  In addition to our spirit-filled, evangelical, and liturgical worship service: we offer places to grow and learn, ways to meet people and get involved, opportunities to pray and heal, and ministries to make a difference.

Three Streams, One River

The three great streams of Christian tradition –catholic, evangelical, and pentecostal–
are represented in our worship services: we experience God through liturgy and sacrament;
we uphold and proclaim Scripture; and we emphasize the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

Read more about three streams, one river in this paper by David Harper from Church of the Apostles in Fairfax, VA [PDF].