Youth – special project – #Struggles! (Mar. 10 – Apr. 14, 2019)

Youth of St. Peter’s (12 & over) – YOU (!) are invited to a special Lenten project on balancing social media and real-life relationships.
# Struggles!
In this exciting six-week project (Mar. 10 – Apr. 14), we’ll discuss the ways in which Facebook, Instagram, texting and cell phones have changed our emotional, social and spiritual make-up. We’ll watch videos together and discuss good practices for maintaining contentment, intimacy, authenticity and compassion in a surprisingly lonely, plugged-in world. Whether you use these technologies or not, they are affecting your everyday friendships!
This is a great project for teenagers and adults alike; all St. Peter’s teens are invited to come, and friends are welcome. Fr. Michael and Michelle Magill will lead.