Seeking New Parish Rector

St. Peter’s is seeking a full time priest to care for the spiritual wellbeing of our members, to stimulate the numerical growth of our congregation and to continue a vibrant Anglican witness in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Download the Application Package [Word Doc]

Rector Profile

The roles we envision for our new Rector include:

  • Through preaching, teaching and mentoring, help parishioners learn to live a life in Christ
  • Demonstrate through his physical presence the love of Christ to those in need, especially those who suffer from illness of body, mind or spirit
  • Work with vestry, commission heads and lay leaders to develop rich worship and Christian education programs – lead, participate and train others to share in ministry.
  • Use all elements of the 3 Streams, 1 River concept in sermons and teachings (The Word of God, Sacramental Liturgy and the promptings of the Holy Spirit)
  • Encourage parishioners to take the Gospel out into the local community to lead others the Christ – consider this to be a key element for congregational growth
  • Exercise administrative leadership in a climate of teamwork, mutual support and accountability. Ensure open communications are established and maintained to coordinate programs and make most effective use of team members
  • Encourage and affirm ministry of the laity – help parishioners develop/recognize their gifts and use them to help build God’s Kingdom here on earth
  • Make fellowship a priority in our parish life by participating in group activities and encouraging parishioners to interact in a positive way with those outside our walls – consider this to be another key element for congregational growth
  • With the vestry, develop a planned stewardship program to communicate the financial needs of the local church and mission activities in global perspective
  • Participate in and support CANA functions throughout the year
  • Continue support of mission work being accomplished by members of our parish and other mission work that we may be led to support
  • With the vestry, develop and carry out a systematic plan for visitation of the entire congregation with special attention to those with special needs – consider this to be another element of congregational growth by retaining and supporting existing and new members